We offer bespoke services. We create, design and realize commercial and residential interiors. Commercial interiors are usually designed to fulfill operational and economical parameters. However residential interiors are adapted to create individual environment for personal comfort.

Defining the basic design of the upcoming interior is done via an architectonical study. That is where clients' expectations meet the results of our designers' work.

A thoroughly elaborated and finished interior design project is a conceptual solution, which includes all details and accessories of the interior.

For the practical application of such a solution in reality it is necessary that it is brought to life under the supervision of the designers - authors of the idea. Their constant stress on quality of production details and color solutions are vital and necessary steps to reach the anticipated result.

In such a way all the details are combined to create one entirety. Because only a client, who is convinced about the effectiveness of his investment, is a satisfied one.

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Vint Interier Studio

Vint s.r.o.
Olšinky 577
403 22 Ústí nad Labem

+420 475 530 099

Interior Design:

Vít Vaněček
+420 775 786 703

Jana Kunfalvi
+420 775 786 717

Realization of Projects:

Bohumil Vaněček
+420 775 786 700

Pavla Stieranková
+420 775 786 715

Anna Živná
+420 775 786 713

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Our company Vint Furniture Production specializes in producing atypical and built-in furniture. The company provides all kinds of services related to the preparation of production, taking necessary measurements, processing of design and production documentation, as well as the following transport and assembly.

We process all types of sheet and wooden materials. To prevent any potential complaints and reclamations we emphasize on using high quality components provided by reputable brands.

Our priority is to achieve good production detail and high quality finish. As a part of our development we continuously modernize our machinery. The accuracy of our production is ensured by CNC technology. The main philosophy of the company is based on stable staffing. We have been executing your contracts in a well-coordinated team of experienced professionals since 1999.

Vint výroba nábytku s.r.o.

Jateční 63
400 01 Ústí nad Labem

+420 475 530 010

Realization of Projects:

Bohumil Vaněček
+420 775 786 700

Lukáš Sedlák
+420 775 786 704

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