), alongside one Luke Castellan (boo!). It takes them to the junkyard of the gods, and Percy meets Ares and talks to Aphrodite (a private conversation which the other quest members did not hear). In The Tyrant's Tomb, Thalia wore black denim leather jacket with buttons from punk rock bands. In 1996, when Thalia was ten and Jason was two, their mother took them for a picnic, but when Thalia went to the car for the picnic basket, Hera/Juno took Jason away to Lupa, a she-wolf, at the Wolf House and Thalia found only her mother, crying. This blow to her ego caused her to turn to alcohol even more and pull stupid stunts, leading to her life and career being ruined. Upon discovering Thalia's existence, Hades (still bitter over Maria's death in Zeus' attempt to kill Hades' children and wife Maria di Angelo and shocked at his younger brother's hypocrisy at breaking the oath they made not to sire any more demigod children), sent the most dangerous monsters from the Underworld (including the three Furies). Annabeth later mentions her to Jason and tells him what happened to her. Annabeth tries to protect her friends but ends up disappearing with the Manticore when he jumps off the cliff to escape. The Cyclops held Thalia, Luke, and Grover in the air over a pot to direct the monsters in their direction, after tricking them by using the voices of other people but Annabeth saved them by stabbing the Cyclops in the foot. Thalia was shocked when she found out Jason could fly, since she never tried. After Annabeth was rescued, Annabeth was very supportive of Thalia joining the Hunters and squeezed her hand. Thalia held her ground against Kronos and later raced for the elavators for Olympus with Annabeth, Percy, and Grover. It was hinted that before Thalia became a Hunter, she and Luke had a romantic past when she told Zoë that she wouldn't leave Luke behind, and when she kissed him on the cheek in The Demigod Diaries. Thalia and Reyna later said goodbye to Apollo the next day with Aurum and Argentum, wolves, and Pegasi. Jason, Leo, and Thalia didn't talk for a few minutes, with Thalia not happy with Leo sticking around. She saved her by stabbing a cyclops in the foot and untying Thalia, but being captured allowed monsters to catch up to them. Thalia could only impale the statue's face and yell with fury. Dec 22, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by ArieL .. Thalia demands answers from Luke, as to why he has betrayed them all and to release Annabeth. Apollo recognized Thalia, and Thalia yelled to save Apollo, relieving him. According to Thalia in The Lost Hero, she never had a good relationship with her mother, and they constantly argued, given that Beryl was always drunk, crazy and acted like a spoiled child. Thalia defeated an Earthborn as soon as they arrived and her arrow broke, much to her frustration. December 22 is the big day for Thalia Grace, fan favorite from the books of Rick Riordan. Thalia says that she needs to go, and that Hylla was right. Thalia ended up going on the quest to rescue Annabeth, even though there was a risk that she might die in the prophecy. Thalia gets along with Grover reasonably well. Zeus took pity on his daughter and to prevent her soul from going to Hades, he turned Thalia into a pine tree. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal, https://riordan.fandom.com/wiki/Thalia_Grace?oldid=580484. Y/N squealed "Shut it, Y/N." Thalia Grace: December 22 she had believed for years that her mother had either killed or abandoned him on a family vacation. Language: English Words: 2,068 … Hazel Levesque: December 17, 1927. They go on the bridge, and Thalia orders Phoebe to go with the other Hunters. Needless to say, it’s complicated. They talk and Thalia wishes her good luck when she takes her to Hylla Ramírez-Arellano. However, her father Zeus took pity on her and turned her into a pine tree. When Thalia was seven, Zeus returned in his Roman aspect, Jupiter; Thalia noted that Zeus in his Roman form was more fatherly and stern towards her and spoke Latin very often. Happy 3rd Birthday Thalia Grace! Commodus was angry when they got away. When they arrived at the cage, Thalia mentioned that her heart wasn't in freeing her and that she wanted to leave her there. Luke mixes a potion for Greek fire, and Thalia tries to summon a lightning bolt to finish it. Thalia presumably spent the rest of the summer at Camp Half-Blood and got to befriend Percy, and learned about what happened to Luke. First, in Percy's dream which was a flashback of him in The Titan's Curse, Thalia, Percy, and Zoë Nightshade battling on Mt. RR She is very shocked and sad, having tears in her eyes having done so, that she just killed Luke, but it is confirmed by Poseidon that the traitorous demigod had survived. Family Well, except for maybe their newest recruit from Camp Jupiter . She also said that what happened with Jason had hurt her so much that she never mentioned Jason to Annabeth or Luke, her two most trusted friends. The 26th is national candy cane day. They later argue when they are co-captains when playing Capture The Flag. Percy also helps save Thalia from bronze statues and from The Manticore. In the Sword of Hades, Percy realized that she had been somewhat looking for her mother's spirit, as she did not have the chance to say goodbye, but the encounter with Melinoe (who was masquerading as Beryl to Thalia) showed that she was still extremely bitter towards her mother for her emotional abandonment. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. When Reyna said she looked forward to a vacation, Thalia told Reyna that it wasn’t a vacation and they need to catch the Teumessian Fox. Artemis sends the campers and hunters with her brother Apollo to go to Camp Half-Blood. Percy learns Thalia’s last name, and Thalia says that she no longer uses it. Thalia and Apollo talk, and Thalia reveals that Artemis misses him, and agrees to say hi to her for him. Thalia tells Reyna that she is working with the Amazons, and that even if they don’t see eye to eye, they still work together to defeat Gaea. . This page contains spoilers for The Tower of Nero. She wore a silver tiara on her forehead. Thalia is upset the hunters have arrived, especially their lieutenant Zoë Nightshade. The door behind them locks again, and they are greeted by an elderly man who introduces himself as Halcyon Green, son of Apollo. Thalia was instantly worried when Percy left the vision and asked him what it was. The punk daughter of Zeus had always been a fan of tattoos, and had planned on getting some when she was of age; however, Hera branding her with the symbol of her father wasn't exactly what she had been hoping for. Clarisse La Rue is sent by Tantalus and Dionysus on a quest to find the Golden Fleece and revive the tree, but Percy and Annabeth don't want to risk Clarisse failing, and also go on a separate quest given by Hermes. Thalia is disgusted when Bianca joins the hunt (unaware at the time that she was a daughter of Hades and by becoming a hunter, she removed herself as a possible subject of the great prophecy), but blames it all on Zoë. In The Titan's Curse, Thalia was noted by Percy that she was crying when she fought with Luke, and she stated that she hadn't known peace since she'd traveled with Annabeth and Luke. However, Thalia was concerned for her godly sister and rescued her from Luke and Atlas. Afterward, Percy then follows on Blackjack, a Pegasus. Thalia and Annabeth reconnected over the months, and went to the same boarding school together in New York, being very close again by December. Thalia loves cheeseburgers. Thalia is the only known demigod in Camp Half-Blood until she left to become a, Ironically, whereas Percy was terrified of fighting Luke, Thalia was shown to be quite confident in her ability to fight him. Annabeth, Grover, and Chiron are stunned at Thalia's return. Thalia ended up getting Reyna’s letter a few hours before Diana was summoned, and was given to her by an aura. Amaltheia indicated for them to enter a tall, 'creepy' mansion, as Luke describes it. GN Thalia ordered Phoebe to stay with her and ordered the rest to track Lycaon. The only thing she has to look forward to is spending Spring Break at Camp Half-Blood. Always. Actor madz-moved . Dec 23, 2013 - Happy Birthday, Thalia! Rather than turned into a pine tree, Thalia is saved by Zeus and lives in an apartment in Brooklyn. Tam going against Atlas, Luke, and trying to save Annabeth and Artemis. Thalia's fatal flaw is that she has a weak resistance when she is offered power (mirroring Zeus's power struggle with his brothers, as she is also conflicted with Percy over capture the flag, and when offered by Luke to kill the Ophiotaurus). Thalia and the Hunters come to New York City to help the campers fight off Kronos' army and the Campers are very relieved to see them. Edit: Nico and Hazel's birth year is for all intents and purposes 1997. The boar comes to carry them further on to San Francisco. Reyna calls Thalia a good pen pal. Years after she was first approached, Thalia finally decided to join the Hunters of Artemis, in part to avoid that lame prophecy, but mostly to live her best life. Behind the scenes However, this results in Percy being constantly hunted by Atlas' Spartus. Thalia led them to Aeolus's palace, and explained how the mist covered up the palace. Annabeth mentions Thalia on several occasions throughout the book. However, it was not known what Thalia thought of him after he sacrificed himself to stop Kronos. Follow. Annabeth told Thalia a lot about architecture, having Thalia memorize a lot of facts about monuments. Thalia also was worried when she saw Elpis. They meet again in The Dark Prophecy, where they are on good terms and no longer think the other is attractive. POV Thalia Grace; Summary. Artemis, her patron and immortal paternal half-sister. Thalia tells Percy and Annabeth to go to Olympus, and that they need them more than ever. Later, they got to Mount Tam, Thalia demanded that Luke let Annabeth go and almost killed Luke to protect her, despite Annabeth’s protest. After Jason mentioned the Roman things he did, Thalia mentioned how Zeus spoke Latin the next time he came, and said Jason may be a Roman demigod. Luke was forced to return to his home for supplies. Piper also burned the business card Thalia gave her, for Jason. Full name Daughter of ZeusLieutenant of ArtemisPinecone Face (by Percy Jackson)Sis (by Jason Grace) Discover (and save!) Nothing is able to pierce its skin, much to the anger of the group and making their efforts even harder. While they were traveling to camp, they got captured by Cyclops, and was separated from Thalia, and found her hanging from the ceiling. Lit says that a group of Hunters infiltrated his palace and killed ten men. See more ideas about thalia grace, thalia, percy jackson. Where is a girl to turn after her childhood sweetheart decides to throw it all away? Paloma KwiatkowskiKatelyn Mager (Young Thalia)Sarah Beth Pfeifer (Broadway, Off-Broadway, National Tour), Lieutenant of ArtemisPinecone Face (by Percy Jackson)Sis (by Jason Grace), Beryl Grace (mother)Jason Grace (younger brother)Apollo (half brother)Hunters of Artemis (adoptive sisters)Percy Jackson (cousin)Annabeth Chase (cousin)Luke Castellan (cousin)Nico di Angelo ((cousin)Bianca di Angelo ((cousin)), Katelyn Mager (Young Thalia)Sarah Beth Pfeifer (Broadway, Off-Broadway, National Tour). The two of them run upstairs, following a disembodied voice, until they reach another room. All of them realize that Bianca was the one they would lose in the land without rain, a line mentioned in the prophecy. Thalia then asked the quartet if they were alright, saying they were tracking the wolves for awhile, and Piper immediately recognized Thalia and said she knew who she was. Thalia also said how Diana missed her, and gets so worried that she split into her Greek and Roman forms right in front of her, Artemis and Diana, and loved Apollo more than anyone else in the world. Depending on who you ask, the daughter of Zeus is either still enjoying her teenage years or pushing her mid-20’s. It was seen in The Lost Hero that she loved Jason very much and that it almost killed her when Jason was sent away. It should be noted that book time is different than in real-time. All property owned by Rick Riordan and Hyperion. Thalia Grace — HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST TJ EVER!!! Hal sees fire in Luke's future and a betrayal. Thalia also grabbed Percy’s legs, saving him from falling. Happy Birthday Thalia Grace. Thalia also possesses a number of similarities with her father, Zeus. She lets go and the rock rolls back onto Sisyphus who is forced to continue his punishment. They question Sisyphus, but while they ask him about the thief, Thalia holds the boulder and begins pushing it up the hill. . Halcyon Green had used his powers of prophesying to save the life of a girl who was destined to die, something Apollo forbid him to do. By: advictorem. Electric Blue Thalia ignored Leo yet again when he tried to flirt. However, she awakens a defective prototype of Talos and enters a maintenance hole in his left foot to destroy him. Tall Thalia is also the name of one of the Muses, Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, who is also a daughter of Zeus. Thalia remains loyal and obedient to her patron, Artemis. She goes to visit an old friend to help her pass this difficult day. She is described as being "extremely pretty" by fellow campers and Apollo, and is "beautiful", according to Artemis. Thalia tells Reyna that the Hunters and the Amazons are working together to defeat Orion and that Reyna is being used as bait for them. There they are surrounded by the skeletal warriors. Thalia is mentioned once in one of Percy's dreams and when Grover tells her story. Also, Luke apparently never got over the fact that Thalia got turned into a tree and her father, Zeus, didn't "save" her. Bianca and Thalia go on the quest together to save Annabeth. It was stated by Jason that Thalia had found a new family in the Hunters and a new mother in Artemis. Reyna tells Thalia how Jason is, and Thalia that she intercepted Reyna’s shadow traveling to bait her into a trap, stopping Orion. Thalia was heartbroken by her brother's "death" and called his disappearance "the last straw" with her mother and ran away from home, never to return. Piper told Thalia and Hera to stop arguing and that Thalia would've never found Jason if not for Hera. Thalia leads Reyna to Hylla and wishes her luck. Her bravery obviously impressed her father, Zeus, for he decided to transform her into a pine tree so that she could survive, but this may have been influenced more by the fact that she was his daughter and Zeus has a bad habit of playing favorites. The Hunters, Thalia, and Grover stop at a museum after many hours, and from a distance, Percy (who followed them) sees the General, Dr. Thorn, and Luke but gets caught. Later on, she was revived with the Golden Fleece. Thalia then asks Hal to send the monsters away, so that they could talk in private. The name 'Thalia' is also the name of one of the three Graces, hence her name: 'Thalia Grace'. Thalia said that she found Hera and that they've been holding down the Wolf House, but they cannot hold the Giants forces off forever and tells Jason to come quickly. 'I noticed', Jason replied"  Zeus (father)Beryl Grace (mother)Jason Grace (younger brother)Apollo (half brother)Hunters of Artemis (adoptive sisters)Percy Jackson (cousin)Annabeth Chase (cousin)Luke Castellan (cousin)Nico di Angelo ((cousin)Bianca di Angelo ((cousin)) That was adorable!" Luke/Kronos injured Chiron and frantically tried to unbury him from the bricks he was buried in. Jason was hesitant about her leaving but Thalia said that she would never lose him again and that she will meet him back at Camp Half-Blood. Thalia was absent from Camp Half-Blood this summer due to her adventures with Artemis and the Hunters, but she is mentioned once by Percy when talking to Hera, the goddess of marriage, about Zeus and Ms. Grace's past relationship. She sometimes calls him "Goat Boy.". It is hinted that they had romantic feelings for each other. Zoë and the other members of the group are devastated and search for Bianca to no success. The group is greeted by Chiron and Mr. D, but Percy and Dionysus get into an argument and when Nico distracted Mr. D saying that he was his favorite Mythomagic figure, Thalia took Percy away and warned him not to get on another god's bad side since Ares already has an agenda with him. Thalia quickly volunteers (although she was probably more concerned with saving Annabeth). Apollo also tells her about the different pantheons. You guys look nothing alike'" Percy said. She is also mentioned by Percy again when they land in Rome. The Hunters managed to push them back, with Thalia even calling down a bolt of lightning to turn one to ashes. After they left, Reyna was worried about what happened to Thalia, but is relieved when she finds out that she survived. Back then, they did not know they were related. It was eventually revealed that Thalia retained complex feelings towards her mother. Thalia's PoV When I woke up, it was 5:24 a.m. Every time she ends a journey with. Who's birthday is closest to yours? Chiron also taught her to manipulate the Mist, not known to Percy. Luke tries to pacify her, but she takes out her spear and says," you're not Luke, I don't know who you are anymore." Jason takes a picture of her and carries it on his quest. The three of them stayed in different safe houses for protection and shelter until their nearest one was destroyed and Thalia's leg was injured. Gender See more ideas about Thalia grace, Unicorn birthday parties, Girls birthday party. Thalia then hugged Jason and left. In some ways she's very similar to Artemis, as she enjoys being around her fellow Hunters and is a great fighter. The two get into an argument about Percy facing the Manticore on his own. Annabeth ended up joining Luke and Thalia, fighting monsters and becoming close friends and family. Thalia looked for any sign of Commodus with Olujime and Sssssarah, but he was gone. Thalia also thought caring for Annabeth was giving her a second chance after Halcyon Green sacrificed himself for the two. Apollo asked if Thalia and the Hunters could warn Camp Jupiter in time, but Thalia said that she and the Hunters cannot cover that much ground, and they are busy hunting the Teummessian fox. [PJO; Thalia Grace; We Love You] Thalia said that Jamie was helping them get ready, but he isn’t hunter material, and asked if he wasn’t Greek or Roman. Where else but to a group of immortal women hunters who have rejected men completely! When Thalia learned there were others like Jason, she was shocked and said even though she had been all over the country, she never knew about that and said she must talk to Artemis about it. Jason Grace: July 1, 1994. She said that a freak snowstorm came and the house became overrun by monsters. Unfollow. Chiron once said that Percy and Thalia are very much alike. Follow/Fav Thalia Grace & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. They decide to take two campers and three Hunters. Thalia is also crying rivers whilst fighting Luke in The Titan's Curse, as she could not bring herself to believe that he had betrayed her. Percy quickly escapes using Annabeth's cap and notifies Thalia and the others. During the battle, Hyperion lead a battalion of Laistrygonian Giants into Central Park, where they attacked many dryads and satyrs. Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace and Nico di Angelo are going to Bailey High School to search for demi-gods, since the satyrs can't handle them all. Zoë Nightshade, a hunter she quested with. Thalia is first mentioned by Lityerses while talking to Commodus. Thalia asks Luke to use his powers to unlock the door, and together they enter the house. A terrified Thalia told Apollo to say the word, and she will shoot the emperor. Thalia said it wouldn’t be happy, but thanked him anyway, and rode down South Illinois street with ostriches. Thalia Grace While Nico, Reyna, and Gleeson Hedge are in Portugal, Nico suggests asking Thalia for advice on defeating Orion, and could send her an Iris Message. After escaping the mansion and hiding out in Richmond Ironworks, the two run into Annabeth Chase, a plucky, blonde-haired seven-year-old demigod. Although she is never actually mentioned in the movie, her tree appears and she is also mentioned in a deleted scene by Grover where he relates to Percy how he failed to protect her. Later, when the gods gave out awards, Thalia is called first, being the daughter of Zeus. She is also very loyal to those she trusts and respects, as she is willing to risk her life to protect them (for example, when she sacrificed herself on top of Half-Blood Hill). It's Thalia's 120th birthday if she had aged normally, and it's consequently an unpleasant time for her. Totally. In The Sword of Hades, Thalia only seems to know him as Bianca's little brother and refers to him as such. Thalia agrees to help and the three chase after the sword. In The Dark Prophecy, Thalia wore jeans and a black leather jacket, held together by safety pins and patches. Halcyon Green quickly explains that the leucrota spoke for him, as Apollo punished him by taking his voice and trapping him in his mansion. Hera told her to not address her that way and Thalia yelled at her to fix him. While climbing the bridge, Thalia realized that Jason was the clue Artemis gave her after Leo realized Jason came from another camp. As a result, Beryl grew increasingly unstable, descending into alcoholism and performing silly stunts to get attention, which led to her career getting ruined. Thalia also gave Annabeth a big hug after she joined. Luke suddenly thinks to use Greek fire to escape, and the three search Hal's library for a recipe. Thalia tells Percy that Hermes loved Luke and that there was nothing they could’ve done, and they shouldn’t start feeling sorry for Luke now. Percy indirectly revives Thalia by bringing back the Golden Fleece and is one of the first people to see her again. Thalia cries out when the Titan touches Percy’s forehead. Jason is Thalia's little brother. Thalia says that the connection to America and Olympus is failing, and that this will be the end of Olympus. Thalia, as portrayed by Paloma Kwiatkowski in the movie. Thalia gained the upper hand in the battle. . Even after Zeus closed Olympus, Artemis still guided Thalia and her Hunters, eventually leading Thalia to her lost brother, Jason Grace. She likes to be in charge and give out orders to people and becomes very angry if they are disobeyed (normally by Percy). Thalia manages to disarm him, saying that he could never beat her. Thalia then wished Apollo luck, and Apollo wished her happy fox hunting. As the lieutenant of Artemis, Thalia has the following abilities. Before her pine tree phase, it was strongly hinted at that Thalia and Luke were potentially more than just friends. After Jason said he saw something really terrible, Thalia joked that it was Hera, the loose cannon, and Hera finally snapped and threatened to turn Thalia into an aardvark. Thalia asked Piper if she was alright, and after she said she feels like she can run ten miles, Thalia pats Piper on the back and says she likes the daughter of Aphrodite, since she is tough. Thalia then decided she would take the quartet to see Aeolus, and said she could spare a few minutes with Jason before he got annoying. Even though she's sworn off romance forever she loves her brother Jason dearly as shown by her joy upon finally reuniting with him in The Lost Hero and heartbroken by his death. Appearances Leo said that Thalia already had done enough work for them, and Thalia said that Leo owed her Texas hot sauce. Female (this would mean that his mother's death was around 1934). Luke manages to open the lock and they find a silver bracelet. She is currently the lieutenant of the Hunters of Artemis. The two later go on the quest to rescue Annabeth, where Thalia gets angry at Percy for telling her Luke is evil. Thalia later marches in and tells Percy that Kronos is leading is army near. Thalia was overjoyed to see him and gave him a big hug, sobbing, saying she recognized his scar, telling the others how he got it. Leo complimented her on her shot, which Thalia ignored, as usual. This can be associated with her explosive temper, but also when she became destructively angry when Percy discovered she was afraid of heights. I love you with all my heart. There are two parts in which she is either mentioned or appeared. Later, when Thalia found out about what Lit did, Thalia was furious and on the brink of tears, and said that she fought too many battles and lost too many people at San Juan while fighting Orion. As a result, Beryl was unable to have a healthy relationship with her dau… Within the year, Jason Grace, who was unbeknownst to her a Roman demigod, was born. See more ideas about thalia grace, thalia, the heroes of olympus. Thalia then took the seats of two senators. Frank Zhang: June 5, 1995. Thalia freaked out when she found out Hera was in the Wolf House, and told Jason that she and the Hunters would hold the Wolf House so they could save Tristan McLean, and promised that they would meet him there. Apollo lets Thalia drive his bus and comforts her while she drives his bus. Org Thalia and the Hunters freed Reyna and led her through corridors, apologizing for kidnapping her. Thalia hugged Jason and gave Piper a nod, and said that they didn't have much time, since the house is overrun by Venti, Wolves, and Earthborns. Species They both stopped arguing after Piper told them to stop. After Kronos was defeated, cyclops pulled Thalia out from the statue, putting her on crutches, but was okay otherwise. Thalia Grace — It’s my fucking Birthday!!! We have barely seen Thalia and Chiron interact, but Chiron thinks highly of Thalia and taught her to manipulate the Mist. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. She almost makes it before it begins to roll back down the hill. She never told anyone about this when she ran away, not even Luke or Annabeth. Annabeth was scared when she met, but Thalia comforted her and introduced herself. Thalia returned after Jason was fatally injured and sat by Piper, her hand on Jason's forehead. Long story short, Thalia Grace was having the worse "birthday" fathomable. Semi-Immortal Thalia was angered when a shrine to Artemis was destroyed, saying that Kronos will By now we’re all familiar with Thalia’s tragic story. Apollo introduced Meg McCaffrey to Thalia, and Thalia tells her that she heard she is a good swordswoman and that Artemis has been watching her, to Apollo’s anger. By now we’re all familiar with Thalia’s tragic story. That was changed when Luke betrayed Camp Half-Blood for the titans in The Lightning Thief. A few minutes later, the roof collapsed, and Thalia, Leo, and the Hunters came riding in on Festus. Beryl was unable to accept it because she felt like the ultimate achievement for her to attract the King of the Gods. Nov 27, 2013 - Explore Jocelyn Tawyea's board "Thalia Grace" on Pinterest. With help from Apollo, they reach a small town in New Mexico. The three of them met May Castellan, Luke's mother who had gone insane after trying to become the new Oracle of Delphi, and Hermes, Luke's father. Completely. They continue to chase the thief and eventually get the sword back after Percy Jackson with the help of the others battles the Titan Iapetus on the banks of the River Lethe and throws him in - wiping his memory. Jason apologized for Leo and explained his situation to Thalia. Three months later she and the hunters are at the Waystation, resting up from there latest attempt to catch the Teumessian Fox. Either way, we’re excited to celebrate another year of our favorite punk rock lightning queen, even if the years do start to blend together at this point. Thalia is first mentioned by Reyna and she mentions how they fought Orion together in Puerto Rico, and have kept in touch ever since. Right before entering the big house, she gave her squirming baby son to Hermes. She succeeds in destroying Talos but goes missing (it is later confirmed that she had died). However, Percy is jealous that Thalia learned how to control the Mist from Chiron, and is jealous that she is the daughter of Zeus, gets the most attention, and seems to lead everyone. And we mean that literally . She was transformed into a pine tree on Half-Blood Hill, which still stands as the official border for Camp Half-Blood to this day. Thalia Grace: December 22, 1987. Thalia gave Apollo Moonwater, and explained that it isn’t alcohol, but an energy drink. Annabeth Chase: July 12th. When Thalia was revived due to the Golden Fleece, Annabeth was the first one to find her and stayed by her side in shock, but didn’t celebrate the moment because she wondered what it would mean for the future. Eye She also has a bit of a temper, as shown during the Capture the Flag match against the Hunters when Percy left his post, causing them to lose the game, so she shocked him with electricity, causing a fight. His words convince her, though not fully, and she manages to stay focused. Thalia respects Reyna, telling her that Jason called her good and addressing her as praetor, while Reyna also respects her, addressing her as lieutenant. OlympusHunters of Artemis Thalia and her Hunters left Indiana that night at moonrise, and Apollo saw them off. Grover Underwood:June 5th . They tried to pull her out, but they couldn’t, and it would take many cyclops to pull her out. During the quest, Thalia keeps an eye out for her mother's soul.

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