As our eBook also points out, China’s influencer economy is expected to continue expanding at a CAGR of 42% from 2017 to 2022. expects $242.41 billion (RMB1.675 trillion) will be spent on social commerce this year, up from $186.04 billion (RMB1.285 trillion) last year. Short videos featuring Li and the product were also filmed and promoted during the Dragon Boat Festival. Although Christmas is not officially observed in China, the Western holiday has long been celebrated in China as an occasion for young people in cities to go out for dinner and exchange presents. The eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, for example, took out 20 to 30 percent of housing resources from the market for talented people with preemption in 2019 while some cities even lifted their restrictions on permanent residence. Lagging far behind at 23% are followers born between ’90 – ’95, with fans born between ’85 – ’90 third at 12%. In short, Li is a beauty KOL like no other in China. Those returns go beyond the financial, too. Li unboxed the product during the 618 Shopping Festival, live streaming a 3 minute 30 second speech about its key features to fans. As an independent agency, this gives Nativex the ability to provide advertisers with unbiased talent matching. This year’s Alibaba Singles’ Day celebration proved that a live-streamer can turn into a mega-influencer that garners the same attention as a top idol. And he didn't have to do it by robbing a bank. With thousands of MCNs out there, a plethora of KOLs to choose from, a foreign market to navigate, language and culture to learn, and regulations to adhere to, it can be extremely difficult for western brands to enter what is an incredibly lucrative new market. Live streaming is hugely popular, and certain platforms let followers make a purchase during a stream at the click of a button. In China, influencers are better known as Key Opinion Leaders, often shortened to KOLs. He also has over 40 million fans on Douyin and more than 17 million Weibo fans. His overnight explosion in popularity is shedding light on the unique influencer phenomenon … "The best relationships between a city and its people is growing together," Chen added. After talking with many of our clients including developers, app publishers, major brands, e-commerce platforms and more, we’ve put together five key trends which we and our customers believe will have a significant impact on the mobile and digital landscape in the year ahead. "The current evaluation system might not be able to cover some emerging industry so there is the concept of special talents which helps set up an express channel for the gifted people and help Shanghai make up for the lack of talents," said Wang. With over 80 million followers across social media, Li has created an online empire that generates more revenue than many shopping malls and listed companies. To address this, Nativex has partnered with more than 20 MCNs, as well as establishing direct relationships with more than 40,000 individual KOLs. Wang also gave a detailed explanation on the concept of Shanghai's special talents, saying the special talent policy is continuously advancing. Are you a western brand or app looking to partner with the right KOL as part of your wider China growth and branding strategy? They also highlight how The Chongqing Institute of Engineering, a college in southwest China, went as far as partnering with a local company to offer a three-month programme on how to become a better live streamer. His personality is daring, and his no-holds-barred critical approach to products he deems unworthy (and cat-calling luxury brands such as Chanel) has endeared him to millions. So, he holds the record for the “Most Lipstick Applied in 30 Seconds” and Forbes China 2019 recognized him … Now, it seems like we’ve seen social media influencers rise, saturate the market and even get caught up in fraud.. For Li Jiaqi, 27, it took less than a year to increase his bank balance to over 10 million yuan ($1.49 million). Viya (or Wēi Yà 薇娅, the stage name of Huáng Wēi 黄薇) is the face of China’s new “ecommerce livestreaming” boom. Chinese beauty influencer Li Jiaqi with his dog at a media event in Shanghai, China, on Oct. 18, 2020. Year in Review: Our 5 Most Popular Topics in 2020. One of the most popular livestreamers is Jiaqi (Austin) Li, also known as the “Lipstick King.” He’s a former L’Oreal, physical retail salesman who is now worth a reported $5 million. Copyright © 2020 CGTN. 33% of influencer recommendations result in sales, and shops see an increase of 120% for in-store sales following an influencer’s endorsement. Beauty influencer Li Jiaqi is comparing colors of different lipstick brands. Working with an MCN may work out cheaper for a brand or advertiser, as MCNs can have access to traffic package deals with the country’s leading social media services. According to a policy on quality talent admission by the municipal government, there are 11 types of people who are eligible to apply for the Shanghai hukou, including professionals, technics and administrative personnel with a doctoral degree, people in urgent need by some industries, people with high professional qualification and people who have outstanding skills. China's No. Buy it and buy it." These figures and more can be found in our latest eBook ‘THE POWER OF INFLUENCER MARKETING IN CHINA’. We’re a core agency with Douyin and Bilibili, and also a strategic partner of Weibo, Kuaishou, Red and Taobao. Though brands fear him, Li is charitable, donating over 40,000 masks to Wuhan during the Coronavirus pandemic. Chinese influencers like Li Jiaqi and Viya can sell 15,000 lipsticks or 150,000 bottles of the Kim Kardashian-brand perfume, respectively, within minutes of a live stream. Looking Forward: Five Trends We Think Will Define the Mobile Ad Industry in 2021. Top-level influencer Li Jiaqi also found himself in hot water lately. He says "My face is a test field because I've to be responsible to my followers.". Wang Zhen says he is not surprised by the news that Li Jiaqi settled in Shanghai because his live streaming business is a talented post nowadays. ‘Influencer’ is more of a western term. Welcome to the latest edition of China Tech Express! The reigning king and queen of livestreaming e-commerce in China are Li (also known by the English name Austin) and Viya (real name Huang Wei). Li Jiaqi’s explosion and other live-streamers’ springing up,points toward a trend in influencer/KOL e-commerce(網紅電商): a platform-oriented model that connects influencers/KOLs, brands, and consumers. Her numbers are staggering. Write between 300-800 words. He is also a man. /CCTV. El poder del influencer Li Jiaqi. It’s something luxury brands are currently doing to great effect. Nicknamed "lipstick boss," Li Jiaqi tried on 380 lipsticks in one live stream and even worked over 40 hours in a row. and, arguably, the Number One KOL in the beauty products vertical. , finding them business opportunities usually on a commission basis. you agree to us using cookies. Douyin, WeChat, Kuaishou and others have introduced numerous easy-to-use social commerce measures to users, with KOLs enhancing their success. 48% of Gen Z shoppers would check a KOL’s suggestion before committing to a purchase, while a quarter of Gen Z’s monthly spend is influenced by KOLs. Starting his career as an online lipstick salesperson on Taobao, Li Jiaqi has since become one of the most recognized internet celebrities in China. Meet Becky Li, China’s digital influencer who sold 100 Mini Coopers in five minutes. This means that advertisers who want to work with KOLs may find it difficult to reach a huge pool of KOLs at scale, and at a reasonable price. by 2025, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Burberry are just some of the big-name brands investing in KOL marketing. Why or why not? In China there has been a huge growth of ‘social commerce’, where established social media platforms like Taobao and Douyin work with influencers to create a hybrid of social media content and online shopping. Li Jiaqi is perhaps the most trusted lipstick salesperson in all of China. in one Singles’ Day, 15,000 lipsticks in five minutes on Taobao, helped Jinzi Ham sell 100,000 products in five minutes and increased the company’s market value by over $100 million in two days. Li’s appeal as a KOL is easy to see; he’s relatable to his audience, working as a behind-the-counter shop assistant for L’Oréal in Nanchang, a second-tier city in China, before he found fame. Influencer marketing is also a big deal in the east, particularly in China. Li Jiaqi, also known as Austin Li is the best salesman of beauty products in the China market. China Tech Express: Bilibili and Kuaishou Launching on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. By clicking "Accept", Choosing the right influencer to collaborate with on various platforms is the key to their success. Away from the tech lies a very simple reason for the success of KOLs. The future of shopping is here today in China, and is being fuelled by young shoppers. KOLs are popular in China for a lot of the reason influencers are in the west. And, with the right approach, western brands can work with those influencers to enter lucrative markets in China and reach out to new audiences. Last year, Li crossed categories and recommended two essence products. Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3, Attracting talents: beauty influencer Li Jiaqi obtains Shanghai hukou.

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