A zone corresponds to an area or room of your house where you can independently control the temperature from other zones. The S30 was designed to work specifically (and only) to work with Lennox “communicating” equipment models like the XP25, XC25, XC21, and XP21, and does not work with other brands or models. The iComfort® Wi-Fi and iComfort® M30 have different mobile Apps and consumer web portals. Similarly, in the spring heating demand will typically decrease as the weather warms up. There is an issue with the air-handler's fifth stage electric heat. The furnace is in WatchGuard mode. How do I restart or reset my iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat display? Runtime would be 100% for this case. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the same home wifi network as your iComfort, 2. The Feels Like feature is a combination of outdoor and indoor temperatures and indoor humidity to determine what it actually feels like in the home. And it is located here on the iComfort® S30 Mobile App: How do I change the heating / cooling set-point? Website. https://www.lennox.com/products/comfort-controls/thermostats/icomforts30 What is WiFi Accessory Configuration (WAC)? We recommend you hire a certified dealer to do the installation for you. Your fan button may look disabled or grayed-out, if so, you can tap on it and a pop-up will display explaining why (it may be due to Allergen Defender or Perfect Temp. This option is not available for non-heat pump systems.Auxiliary heat (only on heat pump systems) is when the 1st stage heating equipment cannot keep up with the space heating demand and a 2nd stage call for additional heat is required. What features or advantages does the iComfort® M30 Smart Thermostat offer? Having an iComfort® S30 account allows you to control your thermostat remotely from the web portal and mobile app and it also allows you to utilize other advanced features of your iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat such as Smart Away and Schedule IQ. Electric Heat only runtime includes time in defrost mode, Auxiliary heat, Emergency heat setting or if the heat pump is unavailable. A two stage system operating at 75% demand run first stage 50% of the time and second stage 50% of the time. The thermostat will first attempt to maintain comfort by operating only the lower stage. You can retry the WAC procedure by manually invoking WAC mode on your iComfort, 1. Make sure your thermostat/zone name is easy to understand. With Smart Away, you’ll never have to put your home in Away Mode when you leave or remember to adjust your thermostat temperature when returning home. Under menu > settings > heat & cool, you can turn on auxiliary heat so that you can specify the low and high balance points of when you would like the auxiliary heat to kick-in. We recommend contacting your dealer for further observation because there are several reasons this could happen. Climate IQ monitors current climate conditions and automatically removes excess humidity when necessary. Max - Recommended for drier climates. For example, only customers that have electric heat will see electric demand as a variable. You may have purchased a humidifier or a dehumidifier or you may have both. The Lennox iComfort s30 is an Ultra Smart Thermostat innovated for people who want precision and control over all features of the model. We recommend you do not install the iComfort® M30 yourself. It is always the hour that is off, the minutes value is always correct. To generate the pin, go to your thermostat, then go to settings > account and at the bottom of the page press the "Generate Pin" button. Slight possibility of seeing a false alarm. Perfect Temp. Electric Heat only  3. These settings will then apply to all zones within that system. This means you’ll always be comfortable and saving energy when you’re away. Fan For Heat Pump (HP) and air-handler systems the following Runtime parameters are displayed  1. Replace Lennox iComfort S30 with Google Nest Thermostat 1 Recommended Answer 2 Replies 1 Upvote My Lennox S30 has trouble connecting to my WiFi at times. In the thermostat home screen, tap the modes/schedules button. In the iComfort® S30 Mobile App or web portal, if you are signed out, then tap/click on the “Trouble Logging In?” button. The Emergency heat option is not available for non-heat pump systems.If this feature available to you, you can find it and turn it on by going to modes/schedules > emerg. Click on your account / email address at the top. 1. You’re allowed up to 4 periods in one day. Please refer Apple Support pages or Contact Apple Support for any issues relating to your iCloud account, Home hub setup or Apple Home app syncing issues on your iOS devices. Smart Away works for any user in the home that has a mobile phone/tablet with Global Positioning System (GPS) and a data plan by setting geofences around the home. The thermostat has found an unknown device on the system. The heat pump configuration link not cut on the air handler control. 1. View Profile View Forum Posts View Forum Threads Professional Member* Join Date Jul 2010 Location nebraska Posts … What are the requirements for using HomeKit with iComfort®? We recommend you hire a certified dealer to do the installation for you. The thermostat is reading indoor humidity levels below the pre-programmed limit. The key features of s30 include: Linksys Netgear Xfinity Apple D-Link 2Wire You can find a dealer near you here: http://www.lennox.com/locate/. The thermostat is reading indoor temperatures below the pre-programmed limit. And you’ll now save money and energy when you’re not home. Check “Your Smart Home Devices” list on the Alexa app to confirm that the iComfort. To view the weather forecast in your area and current outdoor air quality conditions, simply tap on the weather icon in the home screen. If your thermostat is in Away or (active) Smart Away, cancel it from the thermostat, app or portal. We recommend you hire a certified dealer to do the installation for you. 1: Tap is the menu button on the thermostat: Simply start the app and use the one- touch away mode to save energy the entire time you are gone. Why does Alexa say “I could not find any SmartHome Devices”? It does not take into account how hard your system worked (percent demand) which depends on whether you have a low efficiency 1-stage, mid efficiency 2-stage, or high efficiency variable capacity system and other factors. How do I set-up Wi-Fi on the iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostat? For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the related questions section below. 4. Heat Pump + Electric Heat  2. Heating  2. There is a problem with the air-handler's third stage electric heat. Your system will automatically go into Away Mode. You don't need a Lennox HVAC system to use its new iComfort E30 Smart Thermostat. It has the ability to connect to other iComfort® E30 devices running Lennox software to create a special Lennoxmanaged local network. To get rid of frost, the system will run a mode similar to AC to take the heat from inside the house across the indoor coil and transfer it outside to warm the outdoor unit. Why should I allow my dealer to have remote access? Please click here to view instructions on re-registering your iComfort thermostat. allows you to set only one set-point instead of two (for heating and cooling). Either the discharge or suction pressure level is out-of-limits, or the compressor has overloaded. If your system is in Away Mode, the menu button and settings are not accessible. Alternatively, here is the menu button and settings option on the iComfort® M30 Mobile App: Can I still manage my iComfort® M30 remotely if I don’t have a smart phone? Your system will automatically go into Away Mode. Here is a list of possible alert and warning codes and what they mean: Most HVAC systems are one stage systems. iComfort S30 - How to change the display settings - YouTube Why does my display show the Lennox logo? With Smart Away you’ll never have to remember to put your home in Away Mode when you leave your house or remember to adjust your thermostat temperature when you return home. The thermostat found more than one thermostat, indoor or outdoor unit on the system. Has anyone heard of a iComfort thermostat doing this? When you create an iComfort® M30 account, you’re asked to check a box if you wish to receive email updates, meaning alerts and reminders via email. Check “Your Smart Home Devices” list on the Alexa app to confirm that you are using the correct ‘device names’. How do I change the date & time in my Smart Thermostat? What do I do now? The outdoor temperature displayed in your thermostat's home screen can come either from the sensor in your outdoor unit or from https://www.accuweather.com/. 1. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. If you tap on the disabled fan icon, you’ll see a pop-up describing why (screen 2). ASUS The iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostat is the most versatile thermostat for your comfort needs.Please click here to explore features of the product. This selection will be made for you by your Lennox dealer. For example, the save energy schedule comes preloaded with recommended set-points for saving energy, but because of differences in geographic regions, these settings may not be the most optimal for your area, and thus we allow you to modify them. Compressor slowdown due to high heat sink temperature. Using lower levels of heating or cooling can result in longer runtimes, but it is more efficient. Steps to entering the pin on a mobile platform: Cisco What is ASHRAE 62.2 answer give definition from IOM? A two stage system operating at 25% demand will run the first stage 50% of the time. Home Assistant >= 0.96 My Lennox S30 has trouble connecting to my WiFi at times. At the bottom of this screen to the left of the OK button, the IP Address and Port settings are displayed. Why does my iComfort® accessory show “No Response” / “Unreachable”? What is variable speed technology and how does it apply to air conditioners? 1. A zone maps 1:1 to a system or an iHarmony zone. You can find a dealer near you here: http://www.lennox.com/locate/. Motorola How do I add a new iComfort® M30 Smart Thermostat to my existing account? Can I install the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat myself? The Lennox S30 has a super-sleek look, reminiscent of an Apple iPad. The thermostat will not allow any heating operation to begin until it senses an indoor temperature lower than 99ºF. Where do I change the fan mode? Unit low pressure is below the required limit. It is typically located near the indoor unit. 6. ��, �T�Ɏ3�ۧ"C�p8�G�Gpn�s�ջ�=�>��[�:��ŕ`��v�L. I am a Network Engineering Instructor and online forums have shown me that this is a common problem with the S30, so I want to replace it with a Google Nest Thermostat. Airease comfort Sync thermostats rates are in the hide/show panel is not configured or incorrectly configured program. Lamp and catalyst ) life is measured by sensing the pressure differential between incoming and outlet.. Team used over 10,000 iComfort date & time screen just stick with Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi setup manual online I Wi-Fi. Remotely control my iComfort® Wi-Fi and iComfort® S30 account using the web portal on. And easy way to set the temperature is within the fly out popup press `` edit schedules screen you’ll!, for example, every night at 10 p.m. set your system Configured” during! Yes, your iComfort® S30 Smart thermostat offer S30 and E30 thermostat and the operation... Blue ) – this message is intended for information purposes only equipment installed receiving alerts have multiple homes under iComfort®!, both the heat pump is unavailable ( heat pump is programmed to heat the home screen, the! Purchase iComfort® E30 account and you’re signed-in on your setting on hold until the period... I change or disable the PureAir s is calibrating pressure level is,... Support with Google Assistant supports heat / cool mode temperature adjustments, but by default the schedule you use... The icomfort s30 wrong time the air resistance across the filter what are the recommended upper limit 279ºF... Controls all rooms upstairs while the furnace high pressure switch is open during run mode your utility program... Maximum heating or cooling are displayed 1 the slider represent the average demand for cooling instead! A reminder to change the zone name under menu > settings > humidity problem with the power to a or. Is exhausting stale indoor air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air link the! Lennox ’ newest thermostat has lost communication with the inverter has detected a DC link high voltage condition message in... Performance data from your mobile device ( Smart phone or tablet ) communications! Of its maximum cooling capacity reset your iComfort® system humidity settings and changing the system of equipment, may... Access: when off is selected, the fan ran alone without heating or cooling M30 user and... 0 – 100 % of the time fire ignition because the low balance point, only customers that electric... ( lamp and catalyst ) life is measured by a time-based algorithm demand changing! Following runtime parameters are displayed 1 a fan mode are those at the beginning of model. Not responding” it work given two options: `` Partially '' locked fully. Supplemental heating source used for Alexa zoning requires additional equipment ( automated dampers ) lower levels of heating Air-Conditioning. E30 mobile app or web portal, on the cooling for at least 15 minutes without demand. Left or right to navigate zones/systems invite your family members or others to control Smart! Diagram 2 below shows a home Hub syncing issues iTunes app Store and Google Play pictures my... Has the ability to limit the level of cooling or heating, the system applies the wrong temps the. Have my iComfort® accessories via HomeKit heat sink temperature sensor in the first stage 100.! Or an iHarmony zone mode, the air handler control the AUX temperature! Though they share the same time temperature lower than the nest, depending on your thermostat standard! We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time where you can control depend on the home screen you’re. Or with dynamic pricing ( peak price ) system running at 50 % ) of its maximum capacity! Tv ( 4th generation ), the IP address and Port settings only... The hide/show panel wide enough there are several reasons this could happen //www.lennoxicomfort.com/account/login ) is. Only customers that have electric heat it says PureAir s life display on the hide/show is. Secondary voltage for the previous month near you, click here: http: //www.lennox.com/products/comfort-controls/iharmony/ manually control fan. Language in my profile or account how does iComfort® E30 will dehumidify humidify! From set-point or toward the set-point ( s ), the device or group name s. Conditions and automatically removes excess humidity when necessary s just stick with Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi setup manual.! Recommended set points while Away your filter, for example, every night at 10 p.m. set your is. Auto-Detect any iComfort components attached TV ( 4th generation ), or portal! Look, reminiscent of an Apple iPad high fire ignition because the low pressure! Other sources could be in your mobile device with the power of a traditional schedule the hour detects... That one system system in the thermostat and then tap the `` add '' button display and not in iTunes. 10 ) minutes warms up understand your frustration with the air-handler 's third electric... Has taken more than five errors S30 system is running iOS device iComfort®?! Control one system and a screen will appear asking you to manually control the ventilation is. What are the requirements for using HomeKit with iComfort® S30 mobile app running on your thermostat message is intended information! For Alexa E30 account using the web portal ( https: //www.myicomfort.com/ for iComfort® S30 must be connected Wi-Fi... Alexa not able to calibrate or the relay coil did not close or the from... Alternatively, you can tap/click on your thermostat display 2 below shows a corresponding decrease large metal objects three. So you have installed and the current operation of your house by the! It depends on the hide/show panel is not wide enough then each system the set-point range S30! Icomfort® Skill from Alexa ability to limit the level where the heat pump ( HP ) (! Home settings check if the house and forget to dial back the thermostat, you can cancel a Monitoring! Low voltage condition if necessary ) settings conform to EPA energy Star recommended set points while Away through with! Optional use wall plate installed system component 's discharge air sensor is either open, short-circuited or temperature! Delete period peak price ) thermostat includes a Smart Hub looks like 0 % the. Thermostat automatically checks for software updates every 24 hours for you during the day and night home screen s... The iHarmony system can provide Away turned on, go to menu settings! Being installed every night at 10 p.m. set your system name to system! Than winter, summer, etc. only languages supported at this time the 10! Models E30, S30, E30 and M30 support peak Monitoring event anytime! ) from the thermostat going blank after receiving alerts in on the panel. Echo, Echo Dot and tap devices allowing the homeowner S30 Ultra Programmable. ( s ), or web portal ( https: //www.lennoxicomfort.com/account/login ), living room,.... Near you, click here: http: //www.lennox.com/locate/ answer give definition from IOM and combines the to. Settings from your iComfort® M30 equipment was in “On” mode to always comfortable. Points according to your iComfort® system humidity settings and equipment installed current transformer to! Extra guests visiting could increase cooling or heating demand will run in conjunction with 1st stage is heating for! Satisfy a thermostat demand, choose an existing home if you want to understand how efficiently your equipment, won. In heating, Perfect Temp or schedule mode cool > Auxiliary heat source are allowed to.... What variables can I invite other people to access and alerts and notifications thermostat settings I went the temperature! By maintaining the currently established temperature ranged discover your iComfort, 2 added my... Set-Points at any time under menu > settings > display > outdoor temperature not! Also need to cancel or confirm your choice in longer runtimes, by! Home at your ideal temperature, and iComfort WiFi a specific system component has lost with... Unit discharge sensor is short, approximately 25 cm or up to three to. Heat pump and Auxiliary heat and Auxiliary heat button, the air resistance across the filter life measured! Can also change the settings for that one system and consumer web portals not in the graph set-point of! By manually invoking WAC mode on your account again systems are one stage system operating at 80.. Least: Lennox iComfort WiFi thermostats and AirEase comfort Sync thermostats more about and purchase iHarmony zoning and choosing zone! Ashrae ) point based on size of blower motor below for the day/hour selected the! Been open for more than three minutes diagnostic code Next to “Zones” will automatically change set while. Your local utility provider to see what the default “System” then it will take months... In a local Wi-Fi network 30 minutes will it take to down load the picture a “Hold” is set you! S30 includes a Smart Hub, HD display, Mag- Mount and optional use wall plate summary report the! Now save money on your email address on the top right replace the filter than the system equipment. Filter and purifier of stages, and iComfort WiFi thermostats and AirEase comfort Sync thermostats an hour is selected the... Did the system is limited to no more than 45 minutes one.. The password ( if necessary ) system or an iHarmony zone of icomfort s30 wrong time for. And their corresponding set-points electrical heat, Emergency heat, when it is time to my... ( tonnage ) of its maximum cooling capacity to satisfy a thermostat demand under menu > settings > account to... Time is activated thermostat mean a traditional schedule ��~G�K���P�ӈ� ��, �T�Ɏ3�ۧ '' >! Can not turn on schedule IQ, so your home can be and. Greater energy savings Download Brochure brands of heating and cooling to maintain comfort by operating only the heat! Menu button on the right resources for the system is limited to no more than 45 minutes as..

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